The annual Volleybowl between the Casper schools is always a fun-filled event with no shortage of enthusiasm. Both Kelly Walsh and Natrona have good teams and it was NC that set the pace early with a 26-24 win in the first set. KW came back to win the 2nd set 25-19 but NC answered with a 25-18 win in the 3rd set.

So the Trojans, who entered the match with just 2 losses and just beat #1 Laramie last week had to respond and did so thanks to hard-hitting Peyton Carruth who pretty much took over in the 4th set. She had a number of kills in that set which Kelly Walsh won 25-13 and finished off the match with a 15-9 in set #5.

KW has won the Volleybowl 5 years in a row and is 26-2 in the year. They'll meet Thunder Basin on Thursday.  NC is 18-10 on the year and will be in Rock Springs on Friday

We have a video of that match on Tuesday night as well as a few pictures in our gallery. Enjoy!

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Natrona Vs. Kelly Walsh Volleyball 10-19-21

Natrona Vs. Kelly Walsh Volleyball 10-19-21

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