A Casper man already serving time for one sex related offense, has admitted to his role in another case.

Nineteen year old Kain Osmon has pleaded guilty to two charges of third degree sexual abuse of a minor.

Investigators with the Mills Police Department say in June 2014, Osmon was in a relationship with a then 14-year old girl, who told them that Osmon had kissed and groped her in the past.

When interviewed, Osmon eventually admitted to being involved in several make out sessions, but they didn't go all the way.

As part of a plea deal, prosecutors will seek no more than a five-to-eight year prison sentence, which will be served during a current 15-to-18 sentence that he just started serving, for an unrelated second degree sexual assault conviction, out of Converse County.

Osmon will be sentenced in the new case, at a later date.