A Natrona County man will be spending time behind bars after admitting to impregnating an underaged girl.

Gage Markgraf was sentenced to two-to-six years in prison, and was given a boot camp recommendation, after he pleaded guilty to one charge of third degree sexual abuse of a minor (originally first degree sexual abuse of a minor, but the charge was amended in accordance with a plea deal).

The Natrona County Sheriff's Office says in June 2015, they were notified by the Wyoming Department of Family Services that a girl was pregnant, and Markgraf was the father.

The DFS added that at the time of conception, the girl was 12, and Markgraf was 17.

When interviewed, the girl said Markgraf was a friend of the family, and the sexual encounter took place in January 2015.

Some time later, she felt the baby move, so she went to a doctor who confirmed that she was pregnant.

She eventually gave birth, and investigators collected DNA samples from the girl, the baby and Markgraf.

The Wyoming Crime Lab said they had a 99.99% degree of certainty that Markgraf was the father.

If he completes the boot camp program, the court could call him back for a sentence review.

He must also pay $10,000 plus in restitution for medical expenses.