They don't quit, and neither should you.

The Natrona County Sheriff's Office again is cautioning area residents about a rehashed and somewhat refreshed scam about pay-me-for-missed-jury-duty-or-else.

It goes like this: A male calls from a spoofed 307 area code number and claims to be a Natrona County Sheriff's Office sergeant.

The caller tells people they have missed jury duty and need to pay him, now, thousands of dollars in fines via Apple Pay.

Sometimes, the scammer tells the resident they were to appear for jury duty over Zoom, they missed the Zoom meeting, and need to pay a large fine.

The Sheriff's Office says it will never contact you by telephone to collect money or financial information.

It will never ask you to pay a fine by Apple Pay, Venmo, gift cards or other unsecured payment methods.

The Sheriff's Office also warns that the scammer probably will change tactics.

Regardless of the tactics, the scammer is trying to intimidate the resident and get them to feel it's urgent to respond.

Call the Sheriff's Office at (307) 235-9282 to verify any suspicious phone calls or visit the office at 201 N. David St.

If the Sheriff's Office needs you, its deputies will come to your residence, identify themselves, and speak to you in person.

Please share this information with your friends, family, and neighbors.

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