A Natrona County man suspected of being a drug dealer, is accused of indirectly contributing to the death of another man.

Jon Freiberg has pleaded not guilty to one felony charge of involuntary manslaughter, along with two felony charges of conspiracy to possess or deliver a controlled substance, three felony and one misdemeanor charges of possession or delivery of a controlled substance, and one felony charge of accessory before the fact.

Special Agents with the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation say in August 2015, Casper Police were called to the Days Inn on East E Street for a call of an unresponsive male in a vehicle.

Officers found Richard Serafin dead when they arrived.

One witness said earlier in the day, he saw Freiberg carrying Serafin to the vehicle and placing him inside and other interviewees said they had been involved with Freiberg because he was selling them meth.

An autopsy report says Serafin died of a cardiac event due to the stress of meth intoxication, combined with hypothermia, positional asphyxia and dehydration of the heart.

The report also stated that Serafin had a significant heart condition that he may not have known about, and he had been involved in sexual activity, not long before his death.

When interviewed, Freiberg admitted to putting Serafin in his car, but denied providing meth, and eventually refused to talk anymore with investigators.

Then in January 2016, a confidental informant contacted law enforcement, stating that Freiberg wanted to sell him some meth.

Police were able to video and audio record the transaction, and during the purchase, Freiberg commented that when he was with Serafin, he had put some meth in a cup and Serafin had accidentally consumed it.

Freiberg is awaiting trial on $100,000 bond, and he could face up to 20 years in prison on each of the felony charges if convicted.

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