A Pennsylvania man convicted of murder in Wyoming, is asking a higher court to restart his case.

John Knospler Junior has filed an appeal to the Wyoming Supreme Court, in his case where a jury convicted him of second degree murder, in the death of 24-year old James Baldwin in October 2013.

Knospler's attorneys present five arguments in the appeal.

The first is that should the jury have been allowed to hear evidence of Baldwin's criminal history, including 18 counts of vehicular burglary, to prove his character trait for aggression.

The second issue is should Knospler been allowed to present to the jury his opinion testimony, that Baldwin was the first aggressor.

Attorney's also argue that there were two reversible errors in the jury instructions.

The final argument was the court's admission of some testimony shortly before the trial started, thus creating a violation of a discovery order.

At the trial, the prosecution argued that on the night of the fatal shooting, both men had been drinking at Rack's Gentlemen's Club in Natrona County, when Baldwin went out to the parking lot to find his friends.

Knospler was already in his vehicle in the parking lot, when Baldwin mistook the vehicle as his friends', and then the fatal shooting occurred.

The prosecution argued at the trial, that taking a life in self-defense is only to be used as a last resort, and that Knospler had opportunities to leave the scene.

Knospler claims self defense in the incident and is currently serving 30-to-50 years in prison.

The state has until October 12th to file its response to the appeal.