There's not doubt about it, the last couple days have been rough on the city of Casper, Natrona & Converse counties and really most of the state of Wyoming. The record setting storm dropped feet of snow and brought the majority of us to a standstill.

Monday it was announced that most of the city of Casper offices would be closing early as the storm started to ramp up. Tuesday, other than essential workers, the city offices remained closed. Wednesday at noon will be when Casper tries to begin re-opening.

Road and snow removal crews have been working non-stop to clear streets, parking lots and sidewalks so people can move through their daily lives. No matter how hard they work, it's still going to take time.

You can expect City Hall, recreational facilities, animal control, and some bus services to get back to business midday on Wednesday.

Trash service is going to be complicated. Obviously, if your street is piled high in snow, the trash trucks can't get down it. If your street's anything like mine, there aren't many vehicles traveling down them.

On Tuesday, because of the conditions of the roads, Casper PD called a Snow Day. Meaning they could only respond to 911 emergency calls, due to the high number of calls coming in and safety concerns.

That was the same with the Casper Fire-Ems Department. Just after noon, someone in my neighborhood needed assistance and 3 firefighters showed up. Not on their engine with lights and sirens going, but on foot, wading through 3 feet of snow.

So as we try to get back to normal and get things re-opened, be patient and before you know it, the hustle and bustle we're all used to will return.

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