There's no denying that Wyoming is one of, if not the, most beautiful states in the country. Mountains, wildlife, landscapes, forests, sunrises and sunsets are all targets of many professional, and non-professional photographers.


The views in Wyoming are fantastic 365 days per year., but extra special during autumn.

One time of year that many people don't get to see is fall. Vacation season is over, travelers have returned to their normal lives and don't get to witness the absolute beauty this state has to offer.


You always see people on social media complaining that we shouldn't tell people about the state, cause they may want to come here. I can see where the worry is, but it's hard to keep what you can see in Wyoming to yourself, it's just too pretty not to share.

Wildlife Photographer Isaac Spotts is a 23 year old living the Wyoming life and has captured some incredible photos and videos. On one of his Instagram posts, he shares that special time of year that not many get to see...Autumn.

It's just incredible what can be seen and how much work goes into catching those intimate moments on camera. As you can see though, Isaac has done a great job. He's even captured enough great shots, that he has put out a 2024 calendar with some of those great moments that are now frozen in time.




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It's always nice to help support those that are sharing the beauty with the rest of the world. You can go support Isaac, by purchasing one of those calendars or any one of his prints on his website ISAACSPICZ.COM

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