It's always interesting to see how Hollywood portrays states like Wyoming. There have been a few T.V. shows and movies with Wyoming as the setting, Longmire and Joe Pickett are two of those shows.

For people that live in Wyoming, it's cool to see and hear them talk about places we go and things we do every day. For people outside of Wyoming, it gives them a glimpse into what life is like here.

If you remember, Longmire was cancelled from A&E after season 3, but later picked up by Netflix and ended after season 6. Those 6 seasons, created quite the buzz for Wyoming and spawning events like Longmire Days in Buffalo. Fans of the show, and books, celebrate every summer for a long weekend.

I wonder if the same will happen for the C.J. Box inspired "Joe Pickett"?

Paramount+ has announced that the Wyoming based series will not be getting a season 3 and has been cancelled from the network. Makes you wonder if another streaming platform, like Netflix, will take over the show and breathe life back into the series.

The series follows a Wyoming Game Warden named Joe Pickett, played by Michael Dorman, around the made-up Wyoming town of Saddlestring as he investigates different crimes and cases.

Joe Pickett was a lot like the Longmire series, in which he was fighting the crimes, solving the cases and being involved with scenarios focused around small-towns in Wyoming being high crime areas. While he was trying to solve those crimes, he would get himself into some really uncomfortable situations.

Variety reports the show's first 2 seasons will continue to stream on Paramount+ for the time being.

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