The NFL Honors were handed out last night.  Sadly, Josh Allen did not win MVP again.  But it was his reaction to the news that was priceless.

How far have the Buffalo Bills come in just a few short years?  Prior to 2018, no one was even considering a Buffalo Bills quarterback for the NFL's Most Valuable Player award.  Now, it's as if it's a pretty normal conversation.  Every year there are people who think that you have to at least consider the option.

But once again it has eluded Josh Allen.

How does the NFL determine who wins the MVP award?

Prior to the 2022 season, they used to have a panel of 50 sports writers across the country who would cast a single vote for who should win the coveted award.  At the beginning of the 2022 season that changed.  Instead, they asked the 50 writers to give a list of 5 players who they thought should win it in ranked order.  The person with the highest ranking wins.

Lamar Jackson won the 2023 NFL MVP

According to the votes, Lamar Jackson is the 2023 MVP.  He was a favorite for most of the year and it wasn't much of a surprise when he won this year.  He was able to earn 49 of the 50 votes.  It would have only been the second time in history that someone would have won with a unanimous vote.  Tom Brady was the first to do it in 2010.

Who got the one vote to keep Lamar from a unanimous vote?

You might be asking, "If Lamar won 49 of the votes, who stole that one vote from him?"  That person of course, is Josh Allen.

Sadly though, one vote isn't enough to win anything.  He looked very upset when he was given the news.

I think it's safe to say that he will get through this.  And he will probably sleep just fine this week.

I love that he doesn't take this stuff to seriously.  As great as it would be to win something like this, it really does feel like this isn't his focus at all.  He is focused on winning a Super Bowl for the city of Buffalo, and until he does that, nothing else matters as far as football goals are concerned.

Allen wasn't the only Buffalo Bill to be denied an award

Allen wasn't alone when it comes to not winning awards last night.  One player that most people thought was a shoe-in to win "Comeback Player Of The Year" was Damar Hamlin.  After suffering cardiac arrest and needing to have his heart restarted on the field, many thought he would never play again.  Some were even wondering if he would pull through at all.

Not only did he make it through the episode, but he won himself a spot on the roster again which, many thought would automatically win him the award.

Then came Joe Flacco to the Browns.  Flacco led the Browns on an end of the season run that seemed like they could win it all.  Their dreams were ended in Houston, but the effort was enough for Flacco to bring home the trophy that many thought would go to Hamlin.

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