It has been years since we've had an athlete who had the star power that Josh Allen has.  Don't be surprised to see him in more ad campaigns this year.

Josh Allen has gone from "Mr. No Offers" to a bonafide star since he's arrived here in Buffalo.  He couldn't even get an offer to play at a division 1 school until he wrote to all of them to show them what he could do.  The Bills' front office took a chance on him, and that gamble seems to have paid off for them.

Would the Bills be where they are right now if they didn't have Josh Allen?

It's incredible to hear players say that they wanted to come to Buffalo to play for the Bills.  For years and years, that was never the narrative.  It was the place where players' careers came to an end.  But you hear it all the time now.  Players (and some of them big-name free agents) who choose the Bills just because they want to say they played with Josh Allen.

Granted, the Bills haven't gotten where they want to be yet.  But there's no question that Josh Allen gives them the best chance to do it, that we've had in years.

Large brands love Josh too

It's not just Bills fans who love Josh Allen.  He's proving to be a perfect brand ambassador also.  After appearing on the cover of Madden last year and showing up in commercials for companies like CBS and Verizon, he's getting new offers this year.  This time he's representing one of the biggest sports drinks in the world.  His new commercial is for Gatorade.

Josh joins some of the biggest athletes in the world in this latest commercial

In the new commercial for Gatorade, Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time describes what "It" is while highlighting some of the current biggest stars in sports today like Caitlin Clark, Josh Allen, and Jayson Tatum.

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