It is no secret that Casper has been experiencing hotter temps than usual this June. As it turns out, Casper's temperature today was actually hotter than one of the hottest desert in the world.

If you are like me, you probably couldn't wait for summer, but this year the extreme heat has arrived a bit earlier than expected. It is not normal to have temperatures in the upper 90's and low 100's in the middle of June.

Comparing Casper's temperature to one of the hottest deserts on earth led to a surprising conclusion. Casper was way hotter today than the Sahara Desert in Africa. See the comparisons below.

According to Accuweather, Casper reached a high of 100 degrees today. Way too hot for June. However, the Sahara Desert in Africa only reached a tolerable 81 degrees today.

Casper Today:

Sahara Desert Today:

attachment-Sahara Desert Temo

Unfortunately, there is not much relief in sight. The next week is looking to continue with the high temperatures. A rain storm would not be unwelcome at this point. There are current fire dangers in place for Natrona County and in my opinion, it is way too soon in the year for this. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do but power through it. I hope this trend does not continue throughout the summer, as I enjoy camping and would like to have a campfire.

Regardless of my wishes, please make sure to obey all fire restrictions and advisories so we do not burn up our beautiful landscapes. Stay cool out there.

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