The Casper Police Department recently announced that several of its officers have received promotions within the department.

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Numerous officers, as well as their family, friends, colleagues and supervisors gathered together for a promotional ceremony to celebrate new leadership within the Casper Police Department.

"Each officer selected a family member to pin on their new badge," the CPD wrote in a social media post lauding the event. "Following the ceremony, Chief McPheeters re-issued the officers' oath of office, reaffirming their dedication to protect and serve the best city in America, our community."

Officers who were promoted are as follows:

  • Captain Shane Chaney, promoted to Deputy Chief of Police
  • Lieutenant Richard Brown, promoted to Captain
  • Sergeant Jeff Bullard, promoted to Lieutenant
  • Sergeant Scott Jones, promoted to Lieutenant
  • Officer Tony Stedillie, promoted to Sergeant
  • Officer Adam Uhrich, promoted to Sergeant
  • Officer Sarah Boyle, promoted to Sergeant

"The Law Enforcement profession is among the most demanding of professions," said Casper Police Chief Keith McPheeters. "It takes a lot of preparation and experience to even be willing to submit your name and credentials for consideration to become a leader in our profession. Those who volunteer to be leaders in this line of work are among the select few who have demonstrated their ability to guide, mentor, develop, lead, and temper their passion with compassion for those they work with and the citizens they serve. The Casper Police Department takes great pride in acknowledging the accomplishments of these leaders in our community. These men and women are poised to successfully carry this Department into the future. Congratulations to these newly promoted officers."

As the CPD wrote in their social media post, and as the officers continue to demonstrate with every action they take, every decision they make, "Our community is in good hands."

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