Interested in a community greenhouse? Want somewhere to grow away from our brutal shifts in weather and somewhere that lengthens the growing season?

If so, next Friday and Saturday join a conversation with others interested in just such an idea.

Danica Sveda, project organizer, for this vision of a collectively run greenhouse, has a $10,000 dollar innovation grant to research the idea.

"So we're just trying to get an idea at the meeting of what people's vision for a green house is. Most importantly, we're trying to keep food local and in the community."

Sveda says its too soon to talk about costs, though she admits its likely an expensive undertaking. Just how expensive would depend on size and on the amount of interest.

Shes says the meeting will include hearing from, Nick Parker, out of Texas with, Sustainable Green Solutions. Parker will offer some background and advice on how a community green house might work.

The meetings take place at Casper College, next Friday March 2nd, 1 p.m., in room 217 of the Student Center and again Saturday the 3rd, at 9a.m..