They may not have known him, but hundreds of current and former military members paid their respects to a homeless California Navy veteran who recently passed away in Wyoming.

Sixty-three year old Stephen Reiman died of natural causes in Casper, about 1 1/2 weeks after arriving in Wyoming by bus.

His death sparked national interest when no relatives could be found, but then later, his sister Diane came forward, saying she had lost contact with him a few years ago.

She says she was very touched with how the people of Wyoming responded both shortly before and after his passing.

"The most touching thing to me was when the ICU nurses came and told me that they had been with him when he died. He wasn’t alone, and that he didn't suffer and so that was so important to me, being a nurse myself. He was remembered even though he was isolated and we had lost touch with him for so long, he was remembered, he was cared for in a very special way by a lot of special people."

Staff Sergeant Cody Wallace of the United State Marines says he didn't know Reiman, however everyone is family no matter what branch of the military you serve in.

"We may not be blood, but we've been through a lot of stuff together, and to come beside one another and stand beside their family, each others family and know that you're always going to have each others backs, no matter when happens, no matter what life throws at you, no matter the circumstances, we're here for each other."

Stephen Reiman will be honored in a short military ceremony at the end of the month, by the Natrona County United Veterans Council, who makes sure all veterans get a proper military observance, regardless of where they were buried in Wyoming.

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