Authorities are investigating after the body of a mutilated dog was found in Laramie County.

Cheyenne Animal Shelter spokeswoman Tiffany Logan says officers were called to 2275 W. College Drive around 1 p.m. Saturday after the property owner discovered the dog's body in a ditch.

Logan says the dog had been skinned and bound and shot in the head.

"During the medical examination a bullet was retrieved from the dog's head," Logan said in a press release. "The trajectory of the bullet was at an angle above the dog's head behind the ear making officers believe the shot was intentional."

No microchip was found on the dog, but Logan says the medical examiner believes the dog may have been a large breed puppy such as a German shepherd.

"Animal control officers and the Cheyenne Animal Shelter are deeply disturbed by this incident and are asking for your help," said Logan. "Any information the public can offer would be greatly appreciated to help us find out who did this."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Animal Control at (307) 635-1453 or Deputy Murray at the Laramie County Sheriff's Office at (307) 633-4841.


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