GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: The below story contains a description of a November 2019 murder-rape in Casper. Discretion is strongly advised. 

Natrona County jurors on Wednesday viewed footage of a Casper man confessing to murdering his mother-in-law roughly a day after the killing.

In the footage shown to jurors, Anthony Rodriguez tells El Paso County (Colorado) Sheriff's Office Detective Jon Price that he killed Mary Fogle the previous night.

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"I killed her dude," Rodriguez says in the tape.

Rodriguez is charged with first-degree murder, felony murder and domestic battery in the November 17, 2019 death of Mary Fogle.

Prosecutors allege that after he stabbed Fogle in the neck at least twice, and slit her throat at least nine times, Rodriguez raped Fogle.

He appears to admit such during his interview in El Paso County, where he turned himself in the day after allegedly killing Fogle in Casper.

Price asks Rodriguez if he'd ever had sex with Fogle.

"Just that one f-----d up time," Rodriguez replies. "I did that weird s--t to her after I killed her.

"She was still alive I think."

During his interview with Price, Rodriguez repeatedly says that he'd never killed anyone before. He also repeatedly says he can't believe his actions.

"I didn't want to do that to (Fogle)," Rodriguez tells Price in the video. "I killed her mom. It was f----d up, but I did."

Rodriguez also repeatedly tells Price that he expects to "go away forever" after stabbing Fogle to death.

And, Rodriguez also describes having mental health issues in the video. When Price asks him simple questions, he's often seen and heard going on tangents.

For example, in the video, Rodriguez tells Price that he is "sick" before going on a tangent about extra-terrestrial life.

"Aliens — I want to believe," Rodriguez says. "I think they're cool."

If convicted, Rodriguez faces life behind bars with the possibility of parole.

Evidence TechniciansTestify 

Casper Police Officer Chris Miller testified that he helped process the scene. Miller, an evidence technician, specializes in processing and preserving crime scenes.

As Natrona County District Attorney Dan Itzen showed jurors pictures from the crime scene, Miller testified to large amounts of blood spatter found on the walls where Rodriguez allegedly beat and stabbed Fogle.

Miller said that the blood spatter patterns a few feet up on the wall were consistent with Fogle having been severely beaten.

Miller's testimony seemingly backed up an assertion Assistant Natrona County District Attorney Mike Schafer made during his opening arguments: Rodriguez beat Fogle to such a point that she was unrecognizable. Schafer on Tuesday said Fogle's jaw was dislocated in the beating.

Additionally, Miller said there was evidence that Rodriguez made an attempt to clean up the scene. Miller pointed to signs that blood had been "swiped" away from the area of Fogle's body.

Another evidence technician, Casper PD Officer Mike Graham, testified that he utilized a chemical used to detect trace amounts of blood naked to the human eye.

Graham testified that he used a substance called Bluestar that glows when applied to areas that were formerly covered in blood.

The results indicated blood was in the home's laundry room and two sinks in the residence. Further, tests indicated that Rodriguez wiped blood from the walls.

The trial will continue Thursday morning.

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