A friendly reminder as you head out to start that spring clean up or construction project; Be sure you know how to take the best advantage of your city landfill and in particular the brand new hazardous waste facility.

"We're trying to get some guidelines out to people.  Just give a heads up, because we want to encourage clean up, but we want you to do it the right way with an emphasis on recycling. The solid waste division has opened up a hazardous waste recycling station now that's very nice and it makes these things a lot easier to be disposed of."

Shelly LeClere for the city of Casper says the hazardous waste facility will take your fluorescent light bulbs, old paint cans, and other residential chemicals for no charge.

Old metals can be recycled and lawn waste, grass cuttings, tree limbs can be brought in for trade.

"They'll weigh you in at the scale and you go and dispose of your tree limbs and your yard debris. Then you come back out and they weigh you again and give you a pound for pound. So whenever its convenient for you, you can come back at any time and you can use that in your garden or landscaping projects and things like that."

Its also important to remember to bring along your recent city of Casper Utility bill as proof of residency.

For a list of items you'll be charged for, hours of service, and more follow this  link :