Recent filings in Natrona County District Court shed new details on allegations that a man stabbed his mother-in-law in front of his wife.

Specifically, motions filed in the case of Anthony Rodriguez allege that he stabbed Mary Fogle multiple times in November 2019 and then raped her.

Rodriguez is charged with first-degree murder, felony murder and domestic battery. He's pleaded not guilty to the charges and a trial is pending.

The new filings come as the result of defense attorneys for Rodriguez arguing that Allison Solis can't be compelled to testify against Rodriguez in the case as they are married.

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Assistant Natrona County District Attorney Mike Schafer rejected that argument during a hearing Friday as Solis was the victim of domestic battery at the time of Fogle's murder.

Accessory charges against Solis were dropped last year.

According to the recent filings in district court, Rodriguez and Solis moved in to Fogle's Conwell residence in September 2019. At first, Fogle and Rodriguez got along, but their relationship began deteriorating and they had heated arguments.

The new filings indicate that on the day of the murder, Fogle and Rodriguez got into a heated argument over a dirty mattress.

At some point, Solis reportedly heard Fogle scream. She ran to the bedroom hallway and saw Rodriguez laying on her mom, punching her repeatedly. Solis tried to pull Rodriguez off of Fogle, at which point Rodriguez allegedly told Solis to shut up and punched Solis in the face.

Further, prosecutors allege, Rodriguez told Solis if she didn't "shut up" she might "be next."

At some point, court documents state Rodriguez pulled out a short kitchen knife with a read handle and tired to "slice" Fogle's throat.

After stabbing Fogle several times, Rodriguez allegedly said, "Oh she's not dead yet" before attempting to cut Fogle's neck, court documents state.

"After Rodriguez punched, stabbed and sliced Fogle, he pulled Fogle's pants down and rolled her over onto her stomach," prosecutors write. "Rodriguez then pulled his pants down and had sex with Fogle. After having sex with Fogle's body, Rodriguez told Solis, 'Now I finally know what it's like to f--- your mom.'"

Rodriguez then told Solis to get her things and that they were leaving.

Court documents allege that they drove to Colorado. There, Solis and Rodriguez allegedly told relatives about the murder. Then they turned themselves in to authorities in Colorado.

Natrona County District Court Judge Daniel Forgey has yet to rule on the motion.

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