The fake FBI pop-up that is appearing on computers is a scam, It is a virus, commonly called the FBI Virus, MoneyPak Virus, FBI MoneyPak Malware and more. It is quietly and maliciously installed on computers by hackers looking to make money and holding its victims hostage. You may see something called “MoneyPak” in one of the pop-ups to make it appear legitimate. Even though you may be aware that this is a scam, the MoneyPak Virus will stay on computers it infects until it is permanently removed.

Kevin Kraft with CPU Venturetech joined us to talk about the virus.

We are finding this very prevalent in the local market, it is a fast moving nasty virus.

The FBI MoneyPak Virus gains access to a victim’s computer through an infected website that the victim visits or when infected files are downloaded from the Internet. Infected files may be labeled as some other type of program so that the user does not know that it really contains the FBI MoneyPak Virus. It is also distributed through spam email campaigns. Once the file is downloaded, the message pops up and the victim’s computer is effectively locked.

The best way to avoid acquiring the FBI MoneyPak Virus is to keep a computer’s security and antivirus software up to date. Victims should not pay the fine that is demanded in the message. Doing so will not result in the virus being removed from the infected computer. To fix your computer, there are online instructions available in many places or contact your local computer professional.