The Mint Billiards group has already begun construction on a 10,200 square foot building to accommodate over 24 pool tables and a craft pizza restaurant. They expect to open mid-2024 at 261 Craig Thomas Blvd in Evansville, Wyoming.

The billiards group announced today in a written statement that they are investing in other arenas of the billiards industry. Mint Billiards LLC has acquired signficant ownership interest in two USA based billiards companies: FargoRate LLC, which maintains the world standard of pool player ratings, and Salotto LLC, a mobile app that connects competitive pool players.

Randall Moser, a Mint Billiard LLC partner, firmly believes in the mainstream resurgence of the sport and says they "are in hot pursuit of charging organized industry growth."

Mint Billiards LLC & Scratch Pizzeria is comprised of 4 Wyoming entrepreneurs all based in
Central Wyoming: Randall Moser, Colby Frontiero, Reed Merschat and Gabe Phillips.

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