A driver on U.S. Highway 20-26 west of Casper was uninjured after they drove off the road and into a large irrigation canal on Wednesday morning, according to a news release from the Natrona County Fire District.

The Fire District and other agencies responded to a report that the vehicle possibly rolled near mile marker 16, and the driver may be injured.

They found a single occupant was still in the vehicle and their head and chest were above the water.

The occupant was uninjured, but could not get out so crews pulled them from the vehicle, and assisted them to the bank of the canal.

Medical personnel assessed the driver, who was released.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol investigated the incident. The driver said they were traveling to Casper, accidentally fell asleep at the wheel, veered into on coming traffic, went off the road and into the canal.

Other assisting agencies included the Natrona County Sheriff's Office, the Wyoming Highway Patrol, Wyoming Life Flight and Banner Health.

The Fire District said this incident could have turned out a lot worse, and it took the opportunity to remind motorists to remain attentive while driving.

If you are feeling tired or afraid that you may fall asleep before you arrive, pull over and rest.

Activate the vehicle's flashers, pull over to the side of the road as far off the lane of travel as safely as possible.

Walk away from traffic, get your blood flowing, stretch out, or even nap!

Caffeinated beverages can only go so far sometimes.

Putting yourself or others in danger by continuing to drive when tired isn’t worth the risk, even if you have your destination in sight.


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