The Special Education Services Center has moved temporarily while Natrona County School District 1 deals with the aftermath of waste water backing up and flooding their building on Fifth and Jefferson. Executive Director of Facilities and Technology Dennis Bay said Thursday that the blockage was in the city's main line, and it was quickly discovered and addressed. The carpets are a loss, says Bay, and before they remove the carpet, they need to know if there's asbestos in the floor tile.

Old tile floors could be a hazard:

"Cleanup has already occurred. It is being aired out. We're waiting for test results on the floor tile that was underneath the carpet. Once we find out if it indeed contains asbestos, then we will go in and remove the carpet. We can then abate or remove any asbestos-containing floor tile. We then do some painting, we do some old electrical work and the new carpet is installed, and if everything goes right, Special Education will move back and there we think about mid-June."

Mr. Bay says the temporary home for the SESC is at the old Casper Classical Academy building at 920 S. Beverly, behind Frontier Middle School. The number is still 253-4600.