An affadavit supporting charges against a Casper teen reveals disturbing details about an alleged murder that occurred in the early hours of May 14.

The Casper Police Department and Natrona County Sheriff's Office were called by another juvenile who reported that a female, later identified as Lenea Brown, had been shot.

When they arrived, Lenea was laying in the middle of the street on Indian Wells Road. She was taken to Banner Wyoming Medical Center where she was declared dead shortly after arrival.

According to a witness interviewed by police, Eavan Castaner and Lenea Brown had been in a relationship for about one year before breaking up about 25 days prior.

Around midnight on May 14, the witness received messages from Castaner that he shared with law enforcement:

"I'm actually about to kill someone...Like seriously I am."

The witness told investigators he tried to rationalize with Castaner and even went to Buckboard park to try to stop him. The witness allegedly attempted to physically restrain Castaner and had him pinned to the ground at one point. During this struggle, he believed Castaner had a gun in the front waist band of his pants.

The witness was getting into a car to leave when he saw Castaner approach an individual in a hoodie; he thought they shoved each other, then he heard a gunshot and the person fell to the ground.

He believed the person was Lenea Brown due to her height and hair color, and the way she walked up to Castaner.

Detectives later found a series of screenshots from messages on Lenea's phone.

"Ur a bitch I hope u die slowly im go an celebrate when you die Ur useless waste of air...Ur a whore tbh not even trying to be mean it's just genuinely true I hope you die in the most painful way possible."

Lenea had allegedly been receiving multiple texts and calls from Castaner for some time. Before the park incident she reportedly said, "I just want to live in peace and he's not leaving me alone."

Another witness to the shooting told police that he was going to the park to support Lenea, who wanted to confront Eavan. He said he saw Castaner exit a vehicle and began walking towards Lenea. He heard the action of a firearm being cycled. Then he himself pulled out a pistol, which he told investigators he carries on his person everyday.

At this time he could not see Castaner, but believed he was on the opposite side of Lenea from where he was standing.

This witness says he heard a gunshot and then began running back to a van with another person, whose name has been redacted from the affadavit. Then he remembered Lenea and went to check on her. He said he was worried Castaner was going to try to come back and shoot them, so he fired two rounds towards Castaner.

In another interview, a female juvenile who said she was "talking" to Castaner advised he had been staying at her house for the past several nights. On May 13 she was hanging out with some friends and was waiting for Castaner to come over.

When he arrived, around 10 p.m. he said he wanted to kill someone. She believed Castaner had been drinking because he was not walking straight.

She alleges Castaner was texting Lenea and he got "really angry" when another person started messaging him, telling him to leave her alone.

She says she tried to keep Castaner from leaving, but he allegedly stood up and popped her in the knee, which "hurt really bad" and made her give up.

After he left Castaner called her on the phone and "they were talking when the shooting happened."

Then Castaner came back to the residence, refusing to leave, before law enforcement arrived.

While in custody, Castaner told investigators that prior to the shooting he had been at his father's house where he drank about fourteen shots of Tito's Vodka in one single, large drink before topping it back off with water.

While communicating with Lenea through Snapchat, he received messages from an unknown number and agreed to meet at Buckboard Park.

Castaner said he drew a Glock 9 mm pistol as he and Lenea approached one another. Then he shot at her from about three to four feet away.

The suspect said he got the pistol from his mother's house about three days before.

Detectives found multiple text messages in Lenea's phone from Castaner leading up to the shooting. Lenea had sent a message to "Eavans mom" on May 13 about 11:12 p.m. "That's Eavan" and "And he keeps calling me".

From April 15 to May 13, a detective counted five different telephone numbers and the conversations appeared generally similar in content.

Castaner was arrested and charged with first degree murder and stalking. He made an Initial Appearance on Wednesday afternoon by video. Judge Kevin Taheri set bond at $1 million cash only.

A GoFundMe has been started for Lenea's family.

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