Most Natrona County voters already cast their ballots absentee, they said.

It will be quick with short lines on Tuesday for the general election, they said.

"They" weren't at the consolidated polls at 7 a.m. at the Fairgrounds Industrial Building, and Restoration Church.

Vehicles gingerly maneuvered as their drivers tried to find a place to park.

People formed a line south of the Industrial Building past the Arena.

Among them was Brandon Bishop, who said he wanted to vote before going to work. "We weren't necessarily  expecting this type of a crowd, either, today."

Bishop said he normally votes later in the day, so he can walk in and walk out, he said. "This is new to me, too."

There wasn't any single issue, but Bishop said he saw this as an opportunity to vote for some decency and kindness and leadership that can be respected by him and the rest of the world. "If we want to consider America as being a leader in the world then we a leader in the world, then you have to have leaders in office."

His wife Abby said she had not voted in a long time, and that she has been apathetic. "I'm here because I really want things to change."

She echoed Brandon in some of her concerns.

"Our human decency has been completely neglected," Abby said.

"I feel like we owe that to the people of this country, that are just as much a citizen as we are, and I feel like we have to stop doing things like we've done things right in the past," she said. "I'm here to do my part to support those whose voices are much weaker than mine."

While Abby Bishop had not voted in a long time, Aydan Bullard had never voted.

He turned 18 in September, so this was his first time.

Bullard was motivated to vote in part because of the panic he sees in the younger generation, and people taking sides, he said.

"It's a very messy, messy election this year," Bullard said.

Bullard had an absentee ballot, but brought it unmarked so he could vote in person for the experience itself, he said.

Tom Morton, Townsquare Media
Tom Morton, Townsquare Media

Over at the Restoration Church, 411 S. Walsh, Rep. Art Washut, whose House District 36 covers eastern Evansville, said the line was out the door and around the eastern side of the building when he arrived. Washut is unopposed in the HD36 race.

Once he entered the church, he said, "it was pretty efficient."

Of course, he voted for himself "right next to Donald Trump," he said.

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