A proposal to open hunting to mule deer on parts of Casper Mountain is open for public discussion Thursday evening.

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Thursday's public meeting at the Nordic Ski Lodge on Casper Mountain at 5 pm will be the second addressing concerns and remedies for nuisance deer in the Casper area.  But, Game and Fish spokesperson, Robin Kepple, indicates they're also motivated by a desire to create more sport hunting opportunities,  "This is the one area in the state that's been closed to mule deer hunting and it's the only one like it. So were just trying to get up to speed with the rest of the state. The regulation is kind of old."

The majority of Casper Mountain and the Garden Creek area down to the city were set aside as a big game refuge some time in the 1930s. A recent response to complaints about nuisance deer in town and the potential for disease were initially sited as reasons for the proposed change.

The first public meeting was principally attended by residents in opposition to the idea of a hunt.

The proposal was developed by Casper Regional Wildlife Biologist, Justin Binfet.  Kepple explains, "The new proposal includes opening a section to deer hunting at the top of the mountain. This would be east of Casper Mountain Road and south of Hogadon Road.  The Garden Creek area is going to remain closed to mule deer hunting."

She says if the idea is approved the sections would become part of Hunt Area 66, which allows for a seven day antlered hunt season.  Kepple says changes would not go into effect until at least the Fall of 2012.