There is a common saying that says "don't believe everything you see on the internet." It seems that now is a good time remind folks of that statement.

Casper Planet, a satirical Facebook page, recently posted about the City of Casper's plan to relocate the garden creek waterfall in Rotary Park on Casper Mountain.

This is NOT TRUE folks.

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The Casper Planet page is known for its tongue in cheek style humor on social media. It is pretty evident that most of their content is comedic in nature and they clearly label themselves as a satirical page. All of their posts are in jest, but apparently not everyone in Casper is in on the joke. With this specific post, there are few too many commenters who obviously took this very seriously. Thus, the need for this article.

First of all, the City of Casper is not in charge of the waterfall or the land it exists on. Secondly, this is an absurd claim. So why are so many folks falling for it?

Sadly, I have to refer to the above statement. "Don't believe everything you read on the internet." There are some folks who are willing to believe anything they see online no matter how ridiculous it may seem. In this day and age there can be many arguments made about difference between news and entertainment, but ultimately it is up to the reader to make the choice. A small bit of critical thinking is all that is needed.

I honestly have fun looking at Casper Planet's content. The page has similar vibes to popular satire sites like 'The Onion.' They offer humorous takes on "local issues" and let the audience take it from there. Part of the joke is fooling people, but they are 100% transparent about their content and it is not done with a mean spirit. It is comedy and some people aren't a fan once they realize they fell for a joke. But that is on them.

Moral of the story: Question what you read online (except this article, this is totally real) and lighten up when it comes to comedy.

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