The man whose confrontation with family members in October that prompted a lockdown of schools in central Casper will face trial on four counts of aggravated assault.

Dakota Hawkins was bound over to district court after he waived his preliminary hearing before Circuit Court Judge Brian Christensen on Thursday.

The case dates to Oct. 14, when he allegedly demanded to see his two children at gunpoint, and then was seen wandering in the neighborhood around 12th and Elm streets.

Hawkins, who was 24 when arrested, was charged with seven misdemeanors.

Hawkins pleaded not guilty and was released on a $10,000 bond. That bond was later revoked because he was in contact with the alleged victims and did not appear for required drug tests and then had a $7,500 bond, Assistant District Attorney Trevor Schenk told Christensen.

His girlfriend Nikysha Guptil posted bond and he was released from custody in late December. Hawkins was arrested again on a failure to comply.

He was arrested again on Jan. 13 and charged with two counts of bond revocation, two failures to comply one failure to appear, and the new criminal warrant.

Hawkins was charged with aggravated assault with a drawn deadly weapon against the mother of his children; her mother, and Hawkins' and Carnline's two children. Conviction of aggravated assault is punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.

Hawkins bond was set at $75,000.

On Thursday, his attorney Kurt Infanger asked Christensen to reduced the bond to $25,000.

Hawkins was very upset the day of the confrontation and was waving a gun at the vehicle with Carnline and the other three passengers, Infanger said. Hawkins had been in contact with his bail bondsman and they could work out an arrangement so he would wear an ankle monitor. He also would stay with his parents.

Infanger added that the violation of a no-contact order was the result of Carnline and Hawkins' landlord trying to contact him.

Schenk objected.

Hawkins wasn't just upset. He was yelling "give me my f-----g kids" and pointing a gun directly at Carnline and the passengers, Schenk said.

And Hawkins was calling Carnline from the jail and asking his mother to contact her, too, Schenk said.

The $75,000 bond is necessary to ensure Hawkins appears in court, and the bond conditions are needed to prevent contact with victims, Schenk said.

Christensen denied the request to lower the bond, saying that's a matter for the district court.

The affidavit filed Jan. 13 with the new charges included previously undisclosed information such as a discussion about what happened to the gun: "Hawkins stated the gun was a BB gun, not a real gun. Hawkins carried the gun for his protection."

According to a post on his Facebook page last year, Hawkins listed his occupation as “pimpin hoes & slapping bitches.”

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