Tom Morton, Townsquare Media
Tom Morton, Townsquare Media

The investigation continues into the death of a woman killed after being run over in a Casper restaurant parking lot, and police say it may take some time.

Pizza Hut parking lot October 30th. No charges have been filed, and the case remains under investigation. Casper police say in this case, as in all cases, they're working to be very thorough.

"Any time there is a death we treat that as a homicide, we do that with anything, even if it's a natural cause of death," says Detective John Hatcher. "Anytime someone dies you have to take all measures to make sure that the case is investigated at its fullest." Detective Hatcher says those investigations take time, and can be frustrating to the families, and to the public. "We have to make sure all of our 'T's"  are crossed and the 'I's' are dotted so that if something is of foul play, and there are charges and stuff going to be going to trial, that we're prepared to go and present a case and give a person their fair day if they're being charged."

Hatcher says in a case like this, they gather as much physical and photographic evidence as possible because it's very difficult to go backward. "It's really hard to go back and recreate that scene. You can recreate it in trial, with photographs, but if you never took those photographs, it's not there."

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