The city of Casper wants that old, dried out Christmas tree. The towns of Evansville and Mills want them too, for compost. City Analyst Jolene Martinez says that their goal is to get every organic Christmas tree into the compost pile and not the landfill.

Drop-off locations:

"We have several Christmas tree recycling locations: Paradise Valley by Paradise Valley Pool, Mike Cedar Park, the Thirteenth and Collins ball field, the Agricultural Extension building on Fairgrounds Road, the north Casper recycling depot by the ball fields, Viking Court (it used to be called Donnegal Court), Mills has a drop-off location on Wyoming Boulevard, and Evansville, trees that you can take over to its compost yard on Fifth Street."

Ms. Martinez says the participation of Mills and Evansville is new, and they are glad to welcome them. And to demonstrate how serious they are about their goal, Casper residents can call and arrange curbside collection of their old Christmas trees.

Appointment for collection:

"Now if you can't make it to one of those drop-off sites, if you are a city of Casper trash customer, you can call 235-8246 and make an appointment, and they will come out selected days in January to pick your tree up curbside for you."

Since the trees are destined to become compost or mulch, they do ask that you remove all decorations.

Organic material only:

"Tinsel free, ornament free, light free, but they're put to good use, they're composted and chipped, and given back to Parks to use in landscaping projects and then people can use the Pound for Pound program up at the city's landfill and pick up compost and wood chips up there, as well."

For a list of Christmas tree drop-off locations, you can go to the city's website at and click on the locations line next to the red pickup truck. The last day to recycle your Christmas tree is January 20th.

What if you don't:

"If they are put in your dumpster, they are in the landfill and entombed forever and we lose the community benefit."


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