If you put a trail cam out in the Wyoming wilderness, in the winter, what do you think you'll see?

Whatever passing buy will be beautiful and interesting.

Jackie Hillen is a realtor in Pinedale Wyoming, Sublet County.

She found a few interesting places to attached a trail came and watch what might go by at all hours of the day and night.

Her camera saw a lot and you can watch the video, below.

Pronghorn, of course.

Then a mountain lion, and foxes.

Mule deer and lots of snow piling up.

attachment-Wyoming Winter Trail Cam mountain lion

They many types of animals strolling by are astounding.

At one point a big elk buck is seen. This fella is BIG! He didn't just stroll by at night. He did it again, during the day, in deep snow.

Jackie really picked the right spot. I watched the video wondering, why here? It's as if this was a freeway intersection between two major interstate highways.

If you were wondering when the moose was going to show up, don't worry, her camera got one.

I think her camera has a flash on it. Some of these animals look well lit.

attachment-Wyoming Winter Trail Cam deer

Some look at the camera and a few even walk up to inspect it.

You'll want to wait for that winter fox to appear. He has an impressive tail. He also walks up to inspect the camera.

Something in the area seems to have the foxes attention. He walks around leaving tracks all over the fresh snow.

Speaking of snow, near the end of the video one of the branches of the tree that the camera is attached to lets a pile of snow fall, and the camera catches it.

The last photos, humans, on snow mobiles.

Thanks Jackie. This was a wonderful video.

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