A Casper man accused of trying to kill his wife and assaulting a Courthouse Sheriff's Deputy, will have two separate trials.

A Natrona County District Court Judge has granted an order of severance for Clint Webb, who has pleaded not guilty to one charge of second degree murder, two charges of aggravated assault, one charge of property destruction, and one charge of interference of a peace officer.

What this means is that one jury will hear the first four charges, while another will hear the other case.

Since the alleged instances happened at different times (June and October 2014), the prosecution, the defense and the court agreed that combining the cases into one, might not be a good idea, because a single jury could accidentally use the facts of one case, when rendering its decision in the other.

Last month, Webb claimed that his right to a speedy trial had been violated, but the court disagreed.

He is also trying to argue for new counsel, outside of the public defender's office, claiming that his current defender's did not bring up certain arguments in the speedy trial violation hearing, and claims he has not received some discovery from the prosecution.

A judge has not yet ruled on those matters.

Webb's trial is scheduled for next week, and if found guilty on the attempted second degree murder charge, he could face between 20 years to life in prison.