The city of Casper wants to know how residents feel about living here. Pete Meyers, assistant to City Manager John Patterson, said the 30-some questions on the survey do ask about things like city services, but also searches a little deeper.

Satisfaction survey:

"But also other quality of life things--things like how is it like to live in Casper, do we have good neighborhood connectivity, is it difficult to get around as far as transportation goes, what are the schools like, what is the county like--all that stuff. We're trying to get a good sense for what Casper is like, where our citizens feel we need improvement, and where they're really happy."

If you have a mailing address in Casper, there's a chance you might get a survey, and if you do, your responses are anonymous, says Meyers, but it's important for accuracy to get as many responses as possible.

Accuracy participation:

"And it's going out to 1,200 different people who are randomly selected. So, for those people who are selected, we ask those people to watch your mailbox, fill out the survey and send it back in, because we do want as high of a response rate as we can get. The greater number of respondents we get, the more accurate the results will be, and the more informative it will be to City Council."

Twelve-hundred community satisfaction surveys will be circulated in the coming weeks.