A Casper man is arrested for slashing the tires of multiple vehicles.

On Wednesday, at approximately one-thirty in the morning, Casper Police officers responded to the one hundred block of Kenwood Street for a report of a male slashing tires.

Upon arrival, police discovered that several witnesses had chased down and detained twenty-four-year-old Christopher Bobo.

In police interviews, witnesses stated that  in addition to catching Bobo in the act, they also saw a fire in one the trucks that he allegedly damaged.

According to affidavit, of the four vehicles that Bobo damaged on Kenwood Street, one belonged to a woman who he shares a child with.

Bobo is also accused of taking his roommate's car without permission for transportation to the scene of the crime.

Bobo was transported to the Wyoming Medical Center for injuries he sustained while being tackled. He faces charges of felony property damage, burglary, third degree arson, and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

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