CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Cheyenne city officials are trying to determine where to get funds to pay for salary increases for firefighters in the 2014 fiscal year.

The city is responsible for paying $140,000 in pay increases after the firefighters' union won 4.5 percent raises in arbitration. The Associated Press says that city officials had budgeted for raises of 2.25 percent.

The Cheyenne City Council on Monday voted against using money from its Impact Assistance Fund. It's a one-time payment from the state to help with impacts from the growth at Cheyenne Light, Fuel and Power's Cheyenne Prairie Generating Station.

City officials say it's not prudent to use a one-time payment for a recurring expense. Treasurer Lois Huff says city reserves or tax revenue could potentially be used for the raises.