The Cheyenne Animal Shelter has not had any new cases of feline panleukopenia since Friday, Sept. 2, the agency announced Tuesday.

The shelter began implementing intake diversion strategies for cats last Wednesday, Aug. 31, after several cats became sick with the highly contagious virus.

"Last week, there were three confirmed cases of feline panleukopenia with over ten additional suspected cases," the shelter said in a release.

"As of this morning, we are happy to report that all of the cats in critical care have recovered and several will be ready to move on to their adoptive homes," the shelter added.

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The shelter is still diverting the intake of cats through Sept. 15th, and Shelter Medical Director Dr. Tessha Winsch says they'll hopefully be able to start lifting quarantines next week.

"Cats will be made available as they’ve completed quarantine and have been medically cleared," the shelter said. "Currently, there is one cat ready to be adopted and we hope to have more as the week continues."

For those interested in helping, the shelter is still asking for monetary donations and also has a wish list of items needed to support the cat population during the quarantine period.

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