Wyoming Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney joined her colleagues at a press event to call on President Biden to secure the southern border. They also challenged President Biden to reverse his administration’s open-border policy, in order to “make clear that the hundreds of thousands of migrants trying to illegally enter our country will not be able to do so.”

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These remarks come after various stories were reported of immigrants entering the country through holes in the border fence. In one of these cases, 13 people died in an SUV crash after coming through the wall.

Still, Cheney believes the border crisis is due to the Biden Administration’s negligence and lack of responsibility.

"We have to recognize that words have consequences and actions have consequences,” Cheney stated. “When the Biden Administration refuses to enforce our immigration laws, when they refuse to build the wall, when they pass legislation like the bill that we passed yesterday that includes money for illegal immigrants, this is what happens. What happens and what’s going on right now at the border is foreseeable – it’s a foreseeable consequence of their statements, of their policies – they caused this, they are responsible. Speaker Pelosi is compounding the issue and she is compounding the danger to the American people.”

Cheney also, for some reason, included claims that Democrats, specifically Nancy Pelosi, are trying to infringe on the American Peoples’ Second Amendment rights.

"Simultaneously, we are seeing the Biden Administration open borders, we are seeing the Democrats in the House under Speaker Pelosi move to defund the police, move to infringe on the gun rights of law-abiding citizens,” Cheney said. “All of this combines to form a very dangerous and toxic mix. When you are the President of the United States, when you are sitting in the White House, it’s not enough to express concern about the challenge, it’s not enough to ignore the challenge. It’s an abdication of your responsibility if you ignore the challenge. We’re calling on the Biden Administration to take action immediately to secure the border, to stop what we’re seeing happen, to change the policies to make clear that the hundreds of thousands of people that we’ve seen now attempting to enter the country illegally will not be able to do so. They need to reiterate and recommit to protecting and securing the nation and to protecting the American people."  

Cheney voted against both the H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446 bills, which she says are bills led by Democrats to infringe on Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

"I will always defend the Constitutional rights guaranteed to our citizens,” Cheney stated. “These pieces of legislation represent an assault on the Second Amendment and are a direct attack by Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats on the freedom of the people in Wyoming and freedom of Americans across the country."

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