Congresswoman Liz Cheney recently appeared on Fox News to discuss a myriad of issues, including how she believes Republicans can move forward in a post-Trump America.

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When host Chris Wallace asked Cheney how she balances being both patriotic and partisan, Cheney stated it's important to focus on substance.

"I think a lot of it has to do with...recognizing that there are places where we're going to differ and that we ought to, you know, be engaged in fierce debates about those principles and the differences in substance and policy, but that at the end of the day, we are all Americans," Cheney responded. "We have to remember that we’re able to have those debates, have those discussions and differences of opinion because we have a firm, solid foundation in our Constitution. Our commitment to the Constitution has got to come above partisanship."

Many Republicans, as well as television hosts like  Tucker Carlson, apparently do not believe that, as evidenced by their theory that the January 6 assault on the Capitol was an 'inside job' or a 'false flag.'

"It’s the same kind of thing that you hear from people who say that 9/11 is an inside job, for example," Cheney said. "It's un-American to be spreading those kinds of lies, and they are lies. We have an obligation that goes beyond partisanship and an obligation that we share, Democrats and Republicans together, to make sure that we understand every single piece of the facts about what happened that day and to make sure that the people who did it are held accountable. To call it a false flag operation to spread those kinds of lies is really dangerous."

Cheney also stated that, in certain cases, partisanship needs to bow to actual patriotism.

"At the end of the day, the success of this country and the future and the security of our constitutional underpinnings require that there is a recognition that there are sometimes when you do have to say, you know, partisanship has to be put aside," Cheney offered, "And I think that we’ve got to have two strong parties in this country, and I think the only way the Republican Party can go forward in strength is if we reject the lie, if we reject what happened on January 6th, if we reject the efforts that President Trump made, frankly, to steal the election, and if we tell voters the truth, and if we present ourselves to voters based on substance. I believe firmly in conservative principles and ideals, and I think those are the ones that are right for the nation, but in order to prevail, in order to win elections, we have to remember the most conservative of conservative ideals is embracing the Constitution and the rule of law. And so, I think that at the end of the day, that's much more important than party politics."

You can watch the video of this interview below:

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