Recently, Congresswoman and January 6 House Committee Co-Chair Liz Cheney shared that the Select Committee are seeking information from Ivanka Trump, daughter of the former President of the United States.

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Cheney shared a press release from the Select Committee on her Twitter page. In it, the release states that the committee has sent a letter to Ms. Trump seeking a voluntary interview.

The release stated that, in the letter, "Chairman Thompson underscored evidence obtained by the Select Committee that Ms. Trump was in direct contact with the former President at key moments on January 6th and that she may have information relevant to other matters critical to the Select Committee’s investigation."

The release stated that "apparently," Trump has direct knowledge of her father's attempt to persuade former Vice-President Mike Pence to "take action to stop the counting of electoral votes."

“As January 6th approached, President Trump attempted on multiple occasions to persuade Vice President Pence to participate in his plan," Chairman Thompson wrote. "One of the President’s discussions with the Vice President occurred by phone on the morning of January 6th. You were present in the Oval Office and observed at least one side of that telephone conversation.”

Additionally, the committee would like to speak with Ivanka regarding her 'role and actions' during that fateful day in January when the Capitol was under attack.

“Testimony obtained by the Committee indicates that members of the White House staff requested your assistance on multiple occasions to intervene in an attempt to persuade President Trump to address the ongoing lawlessness and violence on Capitol Hill," Chairman Thompson wrote.

He continued, writing that “The Committee is aware that certain White House staff devoted time during the violent riot to rebutting questions regarding whether the President was attempting to hold up deployment of the guard[…]. But the Committee has identified no evidence that President Trump issued any order, or took any other action, to deploy the guard that day. Nor does it appear that President Trump made any calls at all to the Department of Justice or any other law enforcement agency to request deployment of their personnel to the Capitol."

Upon hearing that the January 6 Committee was seeking information from Ivanka, Trump spoke with the Washington Examiner to bemoan the fact that the committee was "going after children."

“It's a very unfair situation for my children. Very, very unfair,” Trump told the Examiner. “They are using whatever powers they have. They couldn't care less. They are vicious people. It's a disgrace, what's going on. They're using these things to try and get people's minds off how incompetently our country is being run. And they don't care. They'll go after children."

Trump did not cite the fact that Ivanka is a full-grown adult who also held a senior position within the White House as the Director of the Office of Economic Initiatives and Entrepreneurship.

The former president has always been especially fond of his daughter, saying in 2006, on the television show 'The View' that "She does have a very nice figure. I've said if Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her."

Still, Trump said that children should be off limits, as it creates a bad precedent that could come back to haunt Joe and Hunter Biden. He is proud of the work his daughter did for him during his time in the White House, however.

"They've done a great job," he said. "You know Ivanka very well, and you know the quality of her," he added. "For them to have to go through all this stuff is a disgrace."

As a senior representative in the White House, Ivanka Trump may have key information as it relates to other staff members trying to persuade the former President from continuing to make erroneous claims about a "stolen election."

“The Committee has information suggesting that White House staff and others were attempting to persuade President Trump to halt his statements regarding a ‘stolen election’ and were working directly with other supporters outside the White House in an effort to persuade President Trump to do so," Chairman Thompson wrote.

The full letter from the January 6 Select Committee to Ivanka Trump can be found here. 

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