The man accused of driving his pick-up into the Goodstein Building downtown and hitting and killing a pedestrian was in court for his preliminary hearing today.
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In a packed courtroom, 38-year-old Scott Coleman appeared in an orange jumpsuit and sat quietly as Detective Mike Ogden took the stand and the prosecution presented evidence in this case.

According to Ogden's court testimony, on the morning of May 3, Coleman recklessly maneuvered his black GMC pickup in and out of traffic on CY Avenue at speeds in excess of 90 miles-per-hour. He was then spotted by a Highway Patrol Officer who began to pursue him. Coleman allegedly ran three red lights and was speeding past schools- including Natrona County High School and Park Elementary School.

As he approached the downtown area on Center Street, he struck a vehicle, a fire hydrant, knocked over a power pole that damaged two vehicles and hit and killed 18-year-old Jeremy Webb.

In a police interview, Coleman stated that he then let go of the steering wheel and "Put the pedal to the metal and let God take the wheel."

He then crashed into the Goodstein Office Building and came to a stop about 25 feet inside- causing at least $65,000 worth of damage.

The pursuing Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper located and apprehended Coleman who was hiding in a woman's bathroom. Witnesses say that when Coleman exited his vehicle he was mumbling something about a "black horse."

The pedestrian whom Colman hit was transported to the Wyoming Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. An autopsy conducted later showed that he had multiple skull fractures and injuries to the liver and spleen.

In court today, Judge Brown determined that there was enough evidence to move three of the four charges ahead and for Coleman to stand trial.

According to Detective Ogden, Coleman stated that he had smoked a joint just before driving on the morning of the accident, but Ogdan said that the drug analysis did not show the amount of THC in his system.

The defense stated in court that it was not the marijuana that caused Coleman's reckless driving, but rather his mental state at the time.

Judge Brown dismissed the charge of driving under the influence because he said the court did not know to what degree Coleman was under the influence of marijuana.

Coleman's case will now move over to Natrona County District Court where he will answer to charges of aggravated vehicular homicide, aggravated assault and felony property damage.

He remains in jail on a $100,000 bond.