A woman who previously admitted to her role in distributing methamphetamine in the Casper area was sentenced to a term of imprisonment Tuesday morning.

District Judge Thomas Sullins sentenced 40-year-old Shawn Kelly Dorman to a minimum of 18 months behind bars on one count of conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine.

Charging papers say agents of the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation had been investigating a Casper-area drug ring and discovered that Dorman was involved.

During the week of June 18, a confidential informant acting as part of a DCI operation purchased 12 grams of meth from Dorman and another alleged dealer.

On Aug. 15, Dorman was interviewed by DCI agents. She allegedly admitted to selling meth in the Natrona County area since March 2017.

"At most I have a fricking drug addiction problem and I'm poor, so I sling it so I can do it for free," Dorman allegedly said during that interview. "If I didn't have a hustle I wouldn't have my house."

During Tuesday's sentencing hearing, Assistant District Attorney Trevor Schenk told Judge Sullins that Dorman's criminal history contained a number of drug charges.

Dorman's attorney, Curtis Cheney, told the court that Dorman had to grow up quickly, and suffered sexual abuse for a period of years during her childhood.

Cheney said Dorman entered treatment for substance abuse following her arrest, and has previously had periods of success in battling drug addiction.

In her statement to the court, Dorman apologized to the community, the court and her family. She emphasized her willingness to change and put the past behind her.

Sullins said his decision to sentence Dorman to prison time rather than probation was based in part on a need to deter others who might consider selling methamphetamine in the Casper area.

"That drug is an absolute curse to our community, our families and especially our young people," Sullins said. He said that the factors which led to Dorman's drug use are not a defense to distributing methamphetamine in the community.

Sullins did note that Dorman has accepted responsibility for her actions, and he commended her for entering treatment. In the sentencing order, Sullins included a recommendation that Dorman be accepted into the Wyoming Department of Corrections' Intensive Treatment Unit.

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