When 19-year-old Jersie Monahan woke up  she heard medical staff talking about whether or not they should amputate her arm.

Before that moment: "It was a clear night, I remember my head turning and seeing all of Casper," said Jersie. "I turned my head and there was a rock. I realized something bad had happened. I sat up. I didn't know I was in pain, but I knew I was laying on top of a mountain."

On January 30th, Jersie and her fiancé were in a life threatening car accident in Casper. They flipped multiple times and fell about 150 feet.

The couple had been on Casper Mountain for a date night prior to the crash. Because of her injuries, the last thing Jersie remembers leading up to the crash is doing laundry.

When she regained consciousness, she said the first thing she did was look up at the stars. It was just after midnight.

Her fiancé Evan Farrar was about fifteen feet from their mangled truck. Jersie says she recalls staring at him and he wasn't moving. "I don't remember walking down to him but I do remember screaming for help."

"It felt like a movie or a dream," says Jersie. Evan said she walked down to him and then it was as if somebody pushed her back up the mountain. She was walking, but unconscious at that point.

Shortly after, Evan believes he left his body. He remembers seeing a man, but it was hard to make out what he looked like.

First responders quickly rushed him to Banner Medical Center and put Evan in the ICU, Jersie was life flighted to Denver.

Both were bruised from head to toe. Evan broke his hip and collarbone, punctured his lung, and damaged his spleen.

Jersie was internally decapitated, which is usually fatal. Her left arm was severed off. Her right arm was broken from shoulder to hand and she suffered a shattered jaw and chest fracture.

Surgeons were able to put her arm back on, but it still does not have any function. The right arm has mobilty, but very little.

The chances of her nerves repairing are slim. Jersie's mother is currently helping to care for her.

Evan and Jersie, Courtesy
Evan and Jersie, Courtesy

Despite all this, Jersie is optimistic everything is going to be okay. Evan scored his dream job and he and Jersie are planning to move to Alaska together.

Looking back, she says she would've been more cautious about choosing a mechanic. Leading up to the incident, they had just had their truck lifted and there were some possible complications with the drive line and the U-Joint.

There is currently a GoFundMe for the couple to help with medical bills that can be found here.


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