A man and woman who lived together were arrested Friday after officers following up on an arrest warrant allegedly found marijuana and methamphetamine in a home where a baby and two toddlers lived.

Timothy Schnepper, 33, was booked on recommended charges of marijuana possession, meth possession, unlawful possession of prescription medication and three counts of child endangerment by methamphetamine.

Ashley Workman, 21, was arrested on charges of marijuana possession, unlawful possession of prescription medication and three counts of child endangerment by methamphetamine.

Shortly after 1:30 p.m. Friday, police officers went to an address on Yucca Circle to arrest Timothy Schnepper for failure to appear. As the officers approached the home, they allegedly smelled marijuana coming from one of the trailer's open windows.

No one answered the door when officers knocked, and eventually got a search warrant for the home. They returned at about 3:30 p.m. and, after knocking to no avail, used a breaching tool to force entry into the home.

Inside, police found Schnepper, Workman and a months-old baby. Schnepper was arrested and taken to jail on the warrant.

Workman initially said she wouldn't talk to police, but after Schnepper was taken away, Workman allegedly said she wanted to help and would talk if she wouldn't get into trouble. Officers reportedly told her they couldn't make any promises, but Workman elected to talk anyway.

Workman allegedly said Schnepper was living at the home and would occasionally watch children during the day while she worked. She was uneasy about this, Workman said, because she knew Schnepper smoked marijuana and meth.

She reportedly continued, telling police where to find some of the marijuana. She allegedly admitted to having smoked marijuana earlier that day, and told police that Schnepper kept his "meth stuff in a small back satchel."

Workman also allegedly said Schnepper was taking Suboxone, a narcotic used to treat pain and addiction to narcotic pain relievers, frequently.

Police asked who else lived at the home, and Workman allegedly said two toddlers lived there during the week and every other weekend.

Officers used a drug dog to find marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia from several places inside the home.

Inside a black hygiene bag found in the laundry room, near the toddler's bedroom, officers found suspected meth pipes. A syringe was also allegedly found in the master bedroom.

Inside the children's bedroom, police reportedly found four more syringes. One of those syringes allegedly tested positive for methamphetamine.

Suboxone was allegedly found in the master bedroom.

Police contacted the Department of Family Services, and the baby was taken into protective custody after Workman allegedly provided a urine sample which tested positive for marijuana. She was arrested at 7 p.m.

Schnepper reportedly has been convicted more than twice for drug possession in the past, which makes each of the latest charges a felony under Wyoming law.

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