It may look like a serious situation this Sunday, November 11th on Casper's east-side, but the Casper Police Department wants to advise that there's no cause for alarm.

A number of officers from the Casper Police Department will be participating in an active shooting drill, starting at 6am, at the Eastridge Mall.

The purpose of the drill is for training of local personnel in the event of a mass shooting incident.

Lieutenant Steven Freel says the main purpose behind the training is to react as efficiently as possible, should a situation like the Aurora movie theater shooting incident ever happen.

"What we have to do is train our officers, the best that we can for real world scenarios or true issues that could take place, and this setting, being at the mall, gives us an opportunity to have a bigger area of training of which these officers can run through the scenario several times and kind of fine tune their skills."

Lieutenant Freel says those near the mall, might hear some gunfire, and most of the mall parking lot will be closed off during the exercise, which is expected to be completed before the mall opens for business.