Today is International Women's Day and, in honor of that, the Casper Police Department has recognized three of their female detectives that worked tirelessly on a missing persons-turned-homicide case that occurred in Casper last year.

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"On International Women's Day, we're sharing a special Heroes Behind the Headlines," the CPD wrote in a Facebook post. "In 2021, three female detectives; Shannon Daley, Keri Patrick, and Tiffany Elhart led one of the largest investigations in our recent history. They did so with extreme dedication and professionalism. We could not be more proud to have these heroes serving the Citizens of Casper."

The CPD stated that the three detectives, and many partners, were recognized for their work on a missing person investigation that turned into a homicide investigation.

The three detectives spent over two months working on this case. The CPD stated that Detectives Daley, Patrick, and Elhart "worked tirelessly, running down every possible lead and shred of information."

They spent weeks doing everything they could to bring the family of the victim some semblance of peace. Eventually, the detectives, as well as the Natrona County Sheriff's Office and Natrona County Search and Rescue descended upon a rural section in Natrona County, where they discovered the body of the missing person.

The case then became a homicide investigation.

"During the proceeding weeks, multiple crime scenes and search warrants were conducted simultaneously using multiple resources from CPD, NCSO, DCI, and the Wyoming State Crime Lab," the CPD wrote.

Casper Police called this a "complex investigation," that resulted in more than 2,000 man (or woman) hours, more than 50 separate search warrants, and it included the over 100 different law enforcement professionals working in conjunction with each other.

"In the end, the offender was arrested for murder and the family of the victim was able to bury their loved one," the statement said. "This investigation was handled with the highest level of dignity and meticulous care it deserved."

The CPD wrote that multiple officers, detectives, civilian staff members, and outside agencies contributed to the conclusion and success of the case. But it was Detectives Daley, Patrick, and Elhart who really exemplified everything that the Casper Police Department represents. They are truly strong, independent women who continue to make their community safe via their direct actions.

This special recognition from the Casper Police Department is part of their new, ongoing, 'Heroes Behind the Headlines,' series. This series of social media posts serve to recognize exemplary behavior from some of the CPD's finest officers.

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