A woman who was stopped by police for speeding Thursday night was arrested and two children were taken into protective custody after police allegedly found a methamphetamine bong in the car.

Eva Marie Gunn, 36, was booked on charges of a headlight violation, failure to maintain liability coverage, two counts of child endangerment with methamphetamine, improper use of a child safety restraint system and possession of methamphetamine.

Court documents say two officers were on patrol at about 8:30 p.m. Thursday when they noticed a car headed west on Second Street. They estimated the car was traveling at 40 mph in a 30-mph speed zone and, according to charging papers, saw the car had no headlights.

Officers stopped the car, and before approaching the driver, reportedly saw the occupants moving around in the front seat.

An affidavit says officers saw the driver move an unknown object to the back seat area of the car. The driver, Gunn, was allegedly making "furtive movements" reaching in the back seat towards the back passenger floor board.

Officers approached and found two children in the car -- one in the passenger seat and one in the back seat.

Court documents say officers found Gunn to have an extensive history with controlled substance violations, so they requested a K9 officer to assist.

A search of the car allegedly turned up a methamphetamine bong, which was reportedly found inside a cup with a green Crown Royal bag on top of it. The cup was in the map pocket of the passenger seat.

An officer also reportedly saw the child restraint chair was not securely fastened to the seat.

Gunn agreed to speak with officers, charging papers say, and first said she didn't know the meth bong was in the back seat. She later said changed her statement and said she did know, but said it wasn't hers.

However, Gunn allegedly said she was guilty of owning it, as it was in her possession. She would not say who it belonged to, but added she had not used methamphetamine in "a long time" and was not under the influence.

Gunn reportedly said one of the children was not secured properly in his car seat because the car seat had been moved into the car earlier in the day. She also said she couldn't use the car's headlights because the car's battery was not working properly.

One of the children reportedly said she doesn't use meth and didn't know where the methamphetamine bong came from. She was unsure whether Gunn used methamphetamine.

She said she moved the other child's car seat into the car earlier that day and didn't know why it wasn't securely fastened, court documents say.

Department of Family Services agents took protective custody of the children. Gunn was arrested.

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