Two New Jersey residents were arrested Thursday after allegedly sending themselves marijuana and cocaine through the mail, which led Casper police to find a significant amount of LSD.

Alan Traino, 59, was booked on one charge each of cocaine and marijuana possession. Charlene M. Sandonato, 28, was arrested for possession of LSD.

Charging papers say police were called to the Ramada Plaza Riverside shortly before 10:30 a.m. Thursday for a report of drugs, after someone received a package addressed to the hotel and believed the package to smell of marijuana.

The box was addressed to Traino in one of the hotel's rooms. Staff noted no one by that name was registered at the hotel, though they did describe a woman who had been staying in the room. The room was rented by the Astrocon group, which was primarily booked at the Parkway Plaza.

While officers were at the Ramada, another package arrived for Traino.

Police weren't able to contact anyone at the room to which the first package was addressed. One officer stayed behind to secure the room.

Some time later, the woman who was staying in that room -- Sandonato -- returned to the room and said she was accompanied by Traino, who was at Astrocon at the Parkway Plaza. She reportedly mentioned that she was expecting to receive packages at the Ramada.

Officers got a search warrant and searched the packages, finding .3 ounces of marijuana in a plastic bag, as well as a small thimble-sized blue plastic container which contained cocaine.

Sandonato and Traino reportedly consented to a search of the hotel room, which allegedly turned up 22 tabs of LSD in Sandonato's wallet.

When police found the alleged acid, Sandonato reportedly said, "Oh, I forgot about that."

In separate interviews with police, Sandonato and Traino said they had been dating for about a year and came to Casper from New Jersey for the solar eclipse.

Sandonato said she knew Traino has shipped boxes from New Jersey to Casper containing solar binoculars and solar viewing glasses, but she claimed to be unaware of the marijuana and cocaine. However, she did say Traino had previously shipped himself marijuana through the mail.

Sandonato allegedly told police she and Traino had used cocaine together for "one week" in January, and had seen him use cocaine several times in the past.

She also allegedly admitted the acid belonged to her, saying she got it from an ex-boyfriend when they were dating some 18 months ago. She had used the acid at dance festivals and forgotten about it in her wallet. She said Traino didn't know about the acid.

Traino allegedly admitted to sending the marijuana and cocaine to himself.

The evidence was logged. Both Sandonato and Traino were arrested. No book-in photo of Sandonato was available from police.

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