Despite being circulated on Facebook, there's nothing to support claims that a student at Kelly Walsh High School was escorted out of the building by police and made to change his 'support the troops' t-shirt after another student found the shirt offensive.

In fact, the student's father -- who initially posted the false allegations Tuesday -- ultimately admitted in a later comment that his son had embellished the story. The father's initial post was evidently based on claims made by the student.

The false narrative went like this: the student was wearing a t-shirt with images of the American flag, a bald eagle and a 'battlefield cross' with the words "Home of the Free." While standing in the lunch line, a female student said she was offended by the t-shirt. She then supposedly took her complaint to school administration, and the student wearing the shirt was escorted out of the building by a police officer so that the student could put on a different t-shirt.

The vast majority of that didn't happen, according to Casper police and the Natrona County School District. It may be that a female student vocalized feeling offended by the shirt, though that has not been confirmed.

However, Sgt. Scott Jones of the Casper Police Department says there is no indication that anything happened after that. Jones says no police officers were involved at all, and he described claims made by the father on Facebook as "far-fetched, totally inaccurate."

"We are not the dress-code-at-the-high-school police," Jones emphasized.

Jones also said the Natrona County School District investigated and found the male student had fabricated the story.

Tanya Southerland, spokesperson for the district, said the incident was fully investigated Tuesday.

"No credible information was identified in the inquiry," Southerland said in a text message. "The statement was later retracted by the reporting party."

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