On Thursday April 11 the suspect in a burglary and stolen vehicle case turned himself in to the Natrona County Detention Center and was charged with burglary, theft, blackmail, and conspiracy. This per a Natrona County Sheriffs Office statement.

The investigation began on January 31st when NCSO were dispatched to Carr Construction for the reported crimes.

The suspect, a former Carr Construction employee named William Watson, allegedly entered the shop without permission, spray painted the windows, and stole several items inlcuding a generator, magnet drill, multi-purpose welder, two flat screen televisions, and a Ford truck.

That evening deputies were notified that a stolen Ford truck had been abandoned in the parking lot of a church in Casper.

The case remains under investigation.

Any tips or additional information may be reported to Investigations Corporal Ken Jividen at (307) 235-9282 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers of Wyoming.

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