A Casper man was sentenced to four to eight years on a felony stalking charge after an identical sentence two months ago for other crimes, according to the sentence handed down in Natrona County District Court on Wednesday.

Erick Richardson heard the sentence by videoconference from where he is incarcerated.

The sentencing happened right after his arraignment, during which he pleaded no contest.

Richardson's Public Defender Joseph Cole and Assistant District Attorney Blaine Nelson crafted a plea agreement for the stalking sentence that was accepted by District Court Judge Daniel Forgey.

The plea agreement included the four- to eight-year sentence -- with 82 days credit for time served in jail -- to run concurrently with the the same sentence as the one handed down for assaulting a pregnant woman and strangulation of a household member.

Richardson could have received a 10-year sentence.

Richardson was charged with the single felony stalking count in November, and was bound over to District Court for trial.

But that trial would not happen based on the previous and unusual plea agreement for the assaulting a pregnant woman and strangulation count.

During that sentencing on Nov. 29, Nelson said the plea agreement would avoid the victim undergoing another trial that would further traumatize her.

District Court Judge Kerri Johnson agreed to the recommended sentence, and told Richardson that this had some benefit for him because a separate conviction could have resulted in a longer sentence.

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At the first sentencing, the victim said, "When I hear the slightest sounds I panic; I get sick to my stomach. For months, Mr. Richardson controlled every factor of my life. He wanted me isolated from everything and everyone I knew."

Richardson had not changed his, she said then. "I have nightmares of him killing me."

On Wednesday, Richardson declined to comment.

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